The Master of Ministry for Ruling Elders (MMRE) and Master of Ministry for Deacons (MMD) include training in personal piety, knowledge of the Bible and understanding of Presbyterian church government and the role of the ruling elder or deacon, which are all essential for effective church ministry.


The course requirements of the MMRE and MMD programmes may be completed in as little as two years of full-time study. The degree may also be completed under a mentor supervised distance education program. We caution against a ruling elder over-extending himself by rushing through the program, and accordingly allow for up to five years to complete the programme.  This time limit may be extended by faculty vote.

Application Requirements

Admission is restricted to ordained ruling elders or deacons, or other men who have been recommended by their church leadership. Applicants seeking the MMRE/MMD degree must hold a BA degree or its equivalent.  (Applicants without a BA may be admitted to the program but will receive a Certificate in Ministry for Ruling Elders or Deacons.)

Note: The Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary (GPTS) academic catalogue contains more information about our courses.

Academic Catalogue 2016-2019