Three New Students

Westminster Presbyterian Theological SeminaryNews

For the autumn semester 2019, we welcome three new students who will study in our M.Div. programme. Daniel Stoica from Romania; Peter Winch from the North-East of England and Hanooq Yaqub from Pakistan are looking forward to their studies at WPTS. Read below what they are saying about their choice and their expectations!

Daniel Stoica

“My name is Daniel Stoica, and I’ve been studying Information Technology for four years. In all these years of studying, I was preparing myself for a career in the I.T. industry, with the possibility of having a PhD in Computer Science. However, I have had a change of heart in October 2018, which I will never regret.

I have chosen to study at WPTS because of their seriousness when it comes to the Word of God and for their love towards people. I felt like WPTS was the right place to study Theology in a way that could prepare my heart and my mind for the work of God. The things that I am expecting from my training are a better and a deeper understanding of God’s Word as well a complete preparation for the work of the Lord.”

Peter Winch

“I have just completed my undergraduate degree, reading German and Classical Greek at Cambridge University. I recently married Ina, whom I met at the Presbyterian Church in Berlin, Germany.

I am particularly excited about continuing my undergraduate Greek language studies and adding to them the study of the Hebrew language at WPTS. I am also looking forward to the new premises in All Saints Church, which are currently being refurbished and include a secluded tower reminiscent of Luther’s own ‘Turmerlebnis’. Alongside the academic elements of the course, I am eager to gain practical ministerial experience within the churches connected to WPTS and to learn from Bill Schweitzer’s (President of WPTS and minister of GPC) own wealth of experience.”

Hanooq Yaqub

I am originally from Pakistan. I came to the UK as a student to study theology in 2009. I studied in Southhall School of Languages and Missionary Orientation for about two years. Sadly, the college was closed down and I had to try to find another Bible College. However, this was difficult and I had to stop my studies for some time.

In 2016, we moved from London to Newcastle because of family reasons. One day, I was searching for a Seminary on the internet and the first search result I found was the Westminster Presbyterian Theological Seminary. I rang up the office and scheduled a meeting with Revd. Dr Bill Schweitzer and some students. It was very encouraging and I believe that God opened a door for me to study and equip myself with the richness of His word and understanding to serve Him.

I am also leading an Asian prayer group in Newcastle and the Lord has really blessed the weekly Bible studies. Some people are from Christian backgrounds and others are from Hindu and other non-Christian backgrounds.

If you feel that you are called by God to be a preacher and can point to some external evidence to such a call, please get in touch with us. We may be able to offer a paid internship position in one of the local churches and pay your tuition fees.