New MDiv Student at WPTS

Westminster Presbyterian Theological SeminaryNews

Student Seminary BenjaminWe warmly welcome one of our new full-time students, Benjamin Mitchell, at the Westminster Presbyterian Theological Seminary! Read below why he chose to be a student at England’s only Presbyterian Seminary:

“My name is Benjamin Mitchell and I am originally from Northern Ireland. I became a Christian when I was 12. At university I studied English literature and Philosophy before working for a national Christian charity for almost ten years.

I chose to study at Westminster Presbyterian Theological Seminary for a number of reasons. First the need: Five hundred years have passed since the Reformation and yet only c.1% of the population of the United Kingdom are evangelical Christians. We could choose almost any major city in the UK and plant the only Presbyterian Church there. Second: the ethos and standard of the tuition. I found the five commitments of the seminary (outlined here) immensely attractive, especially the emphasis on the ‘ordinary’ means of grace ministry which adheres to the Regulative principle of worship. Furthermore the faculty are Godly, wise, and zealous men with many years of experience in the pastoral ministry. Their reliance on the Scriptures, Westminster standards, and trusted theologians emanates through their tuition. They expect and instil high academic standards from their students but also piety and a love for God and the flock of Christ.

It was this combination, amongst others, that made it easy to enroll in this excellent seminary”

Please pray for Benjamin as he seeks to glorify God in his studies and beyond.