Knight Library Donation on the Way

Westminster Presbyterian Theological SeminaryNews

We are thankful for the recent donation from the library of longtime GPTS trustee Dr George Knight III.  

Circa 3,000 volumes are on the way to us from the US, which will roughly double the size of our nascent library (which currently consists largely of the Rev Joseph Bruce Greenald library and donations from the library of Rev Dr Ian Hamilton, in addition to purchases for the core curriculum).  After transatlantic shipping, the books will be transported by a volunteer over two trips from the south of England.

Our short-term goal of 10,000 volumes is within reach, and we are making progress towards our intermediate goal of 30,000 volumes.  We are also seeking to host a specialist collection concerning Presbyterianism in England.  If you would like to help us reach these goals, whether in terms of book donations or in terms of financial support, please get in touch.