Revd Dr Gary McKee

Director of Advancement and Administration

Revd Dr Gary McKee (BSSc and PhD in Geography, Queens University Belfast; BA in Divinity, WEST; PGCHE Leeds Trinity and PhD Theology and Missiology, Leeds University) was formerly the minister at Sunderland Free Church and has just completed his doctoral studies in missiology at Leeds. Gary is heading the organisational administration (particularly in terms of achieving UK charity status and formalising our partnerships), teaching schedules, publicity and recruitment.

Mr Paul Austin


Mr Paul Austin (BA in Music and German, Durham University; MA in Music, Nottingham University; MSc in Information and Library Studies, University of Strathclyde and MDiv, Mid-America Reformed Seminary) has been for many years a missionary deacon of Durham Presbyterian Church serving with O. Palmer Robertson as the librarian and instructor of Greek and music at African Bible University, Uganda. Paul is leading the charge to implement a new digital cataloging system, grow the library towards its goal of 25,000 volumes and secure access to online journal services.