Westminster Presbyterian Theological Seminary is fortunate to have a faculty of high academic calibre, with practical experience of ministry within Presbyterian churches. Our faculty share our purpose and commitments and sign our statements of belief.

Revd Dr Kevin Bidwell

Adjunct Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology

Revd Dr Kevin J. Bidwell (BSc, University of Birmingham; MTh and PhD, University of Wales, Trinity Saint David) is the founding minister of Sheffield Presbyterian Church (Evangelical Presbyterian Church of England and Wales). He also serves as a visiting lecturer in Systematic Theology at London Theological Seminary and was chairman of the Yorkshire Reformed Ministerial Fraternal (2012-2015) and moderator of the EPCEW (2014-2015).

Selected Publications

  • ‘The Church as the Image of the Trinity’: A Critical Evaluation of Miroslav Volf’s Ecclesial Model (Wipf and Stock, 2011)
  • “Losing the Dance: Is the ‘Divine Dance’ a Good Explanation of the Trinity?” in Engaging with Keller (Evangelical Press, 2013)
  • The Westminster Standards in Modern English (general editor) (forthcoming)

Revd Dr Ian Hamilton

Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology

Revd Dr Ian Hamilton (BA, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow; BD, University of Edinburgh; MPhil, University of Edinburgh, 1980; DD: GPTS) is the minister of Cambridge Presbyterian Church, (Evangelical Presbyterian Church of England and Wales).  He also serves on the governing board of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and the Banner of Truth Trust, and lectures occasionally at other UK seminaries such as Edinburgh Theological Seminary and London Theological Seminary.

Selected Publications

  • The Erosion of Calvinist Orthodoxy
  • The Letters of John
  • John Calvin’s Doctrine of Holy Scripture
  • The Faith Shaped Life
  • IVP Dictionary of Theology (contributor)
  • The Dictionary of Scottish Church History and Theology (contributor)
  • Confessing Our Hope (contributor)
  • Women in the Kirk (contributor)
  • Sanctification, Growing in Grace (contributor)
  • Calvin, Theologian and Reformer (contributor)

Revd Dan Peters

Professor of Practical and Systematic Theology, Chair of Homiletics

Revd Dan Peters (BTh. Edinburgh Theological Seminary, MTh. Edinburgh Theological Seminary) is the minister of Newcastle Reformed Evangelical Church. He previously served as the assistant minister of Cambridge Presbyterian Church and has also lectured at Edinburgh Theological Seminary.

Revd Dr William Schweitzer

Professor of Systematic Theology

Revd Dr William M. Schweitzer (BA, University of Rochester; BTh, Free Church of Scotland College; MTh and PhD, Edinburgh University) is the founding minister of Gateshead Presbyterian Church (Evangelical Presbyterian Church in England and Wales). He previously served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps and as tutor at Edinburgh University.

Selected Publications

  • God is a Communicative Being: Divine Communicativeness and Harmony in the Theology of Jonathan Edwards (T&T Clark, 2012)
  • Engaging with Keller: Thinking Through the Theology of a Popular Evangelical (Evangelical Press, 2013) (with Iain D. Campbell)
  • Jonathan Edwards for the Church: The Ministry and the Means of Grace (Evangelical Press, 2015)
  • “Rage Against the Machine: Jonathan Edwards vs. the God of Deism” (Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology)
  • “An Uncommon Union: Understanding Jonathan Edwards’ Experimental Calvinism” (Puritan Reformed Theological Journal)
  • “Re-Thinking the ‘Problem of Evil’” (Banner of Truth)
  • “Is the Insider Movement Really That Bad?” (Reformation 21)

Revd Richard Holst

Emeritus Professor of New Testament Exegesis and Biblical Theology

Richard H. Holst (BA, University of Wales, Bangor; Dip Soc, PGCE and MPhil, University of Wales, Cardiff) was the founding minister of Bethel Presbyterian Church in Cardiff (Evangelical Presbyterian Church in England and Wales) until his retirement in 2007, thereafter serving as the interim pastor of First Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Sunnyvale, CA (2011-12). Revd Holst was visiting lecturer in Pauline Studies and New Testament Exegesis at the Wales Evangelical School of Theology until his retirement in 2011. He also serves as chairman of the International Conference of Reformed Churches.

Selected Publications

  • “Covenant and Christology in Selected Pauline Writings” (University of Wales, 1995)
  • “Timothy Keller’s Hermeneutic: an example for the church to follow?” in Engaging with Keller (Evangelical Press, 2013)

Revd Dr Peter Naylor

Professor of Old Testament Exegesis and Chair of Biblical Studies

Revd Dr Peter Naylor (BA, University of Wales, Cardiff; DPhil, Oxford University) is the founding minister of Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Cardiff (Evangelical Presbyterian Church in England and Wales). He previously served at Ely Presbyterian Church, Cardiff, Wales. He taught Old Testament Exegesis at the Evangelische Theologische Faculteit, Leuven (1987-1990) and Old Testament and Ecclesiology at Wales Evangelical School of Theology (1999-2010). Since 2001 Dr Naylor has served as the Recording Secretary of the International Conference of Reformed Churches. He is also the editor of the EPCEW’s magazine, the Presbyterian Network.

Selected Publications

  • The Language of Covenant: A Structural Analysis of the Semantic Field of Berit in Biblical Hebrew, with Particular Reference to the Book of Genesis (Oxford University DPhil, 1980)
  • “Numbers,” The New Bible Commentary (21st century edition) (IVP 1994)
  • “The Church’s Mission: Sent to ‘Do Justice’ in the World?’” in Engaging with Keller (Evangelical Press, 2013)